Cashing WIC Checks

  1. Use your WIC checks only at WIC approved stores and farmers markets.
  2. Look at the dates on the WIC check. The first date is the first day you can use the check. The second date is the last day you can use the check.
  3. Look at the amount of food you can buy. The number of gallons of milk, ounces of cereal or cans of juice you can buy is listed here. Always read your WIC Approved Food List to see what food you can buy.
  4. Write the total price of the WIC items on the check unless it is printed automatically by the store’s cash register.
  5. Sign the check and give the check and your ID folder to the cashier. The cashier will make sure your signature matches the signatures on your WIC folder.
  6. Separate WIC foods from other foods you are buying.
  7. Call your local WIC office if you have any problems using your WIC checks.