Emotional Well-being

Pregnancy Options Workbook: A Resource for Women Making a Difficult Decision

A tool-kit for women making a pregnancy decision.
Available in Print and online


Pregnancy, Parenting, Abortion, Adoption
Volunteer talk line advocates are available to talk with you or someone you love about all pregnancy options.

Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant

Information about improving communication between parents and teens.
Available in Print and online

You Are a Good Woman

The Abortion Care Network offers this handout to women choosing abortion to remind women that they are making a decision out of goodness and to challenge those who would make them feel bad about their decision.

Especially for Men

Useful advice and resources for men about the abortion experience.

Healthy Coping After an Abortion

Great information on emotional well-being after an abortion.


A confidential, after-abortion counseling hotline serving women who have abortions, and their partners, friends and family. It respects the cultural, social, and religious beliefs of all. 1-866-439-4253

A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion