Being Social — Conversations about Family Planning

A big part of what I love about my job is the variety of conversations I have with Family Planning Association of Maine allies and donors, clients and other staff members.  I get to write about family planning, from an insider perspective, and you get to write back — sharing your opinions, experiences, and ideas. How wonderful is that?

Whether you’re responding to a Facebook status update, commenting on a blog post, or replying to an email message — so many of you have insightful things to say about the FPA and the value of family planning services.

Here’s a response we got when I posed the question, “Where would you be without low-cost family planning services?” on our Facebook page.

“I’d be where my high school friends were – pregnant in high school. I credit Family Planning with the fact that I got pregnant when I planned to.”

And here’s a recent comment made by a reader of On The Front Lines.

“In a world where youth are faced with choices that can have major implications on their future (as well as the future of another) it is ever so important that they have places to go to help them get the resources they need to be safe and informed. Family Planning is a critical resource to young men and women and a trusted entity of youth…a safe place to go in their time of need. I am a mother and I support family planning.”

Terrific, right?

Lest you think I’m simply fishing for compliments, let me add that I also love it when you point out missteps. Thank goodness for supporters who let me know when a link in an email message isn’t working correctly and the folks who correct my (rare) spelling mistakes. I know you are paying attention and you care enough to help me improve our communications.

Social media and online communications allow wide-open conversations in ways that were impossible in the past.  If you’re reading this, you are somehow electronically connected to the FPA. You care enough about family planning to ‘like’ us on Facebook or share your email address with us.

Another beautiful thing about social media is how easily any of us can invite people into the conversation. To facilitate this, we just added a “Share” tab on our website.  If you read something on any page of our website that you want to share with others, simply use the “Share” tab for a list of ways to pass the content along.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. As I’ve probably made all too obvious in this posting — I live for your feedback!

~ Nancy

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