Anti-Choice Protesting as a Career Path

Are you feeling ready for a career change but you’re just not sure what your next move might be?

Allow me to assist you.

Last week a colleague pointed out this little gem on the 40 Days for Life website. Apparently you can get credit at “Pro-Life University” for protesting in front of the FPA offices in Augusta.

University credit?

This is just the sort of tidbit that fuels my imagination and I’m wondering what classes at a “pro-life university” might entail.

Here’s a list I came up with —

  • The Creative Writing Department offers Sign Making 101 where you learn to tell lies using seven words or less. (see photo above as an example)
  • The Art Department features Advanced Photo Shop in which students learn to create fake posters of “aborted fetuses.”
  • Of course there’s the Math Department, which teaches you how to calculate how many “babies” you’ve saved by protesting in front of the FPA’s Augusta offices.
  • The Psychology Department offers classes in how to really humiliate, embarrass, and stigmatize women who have abortions and health care personnel who provide abortions.
  • And let’s not forget Civics Class where you will learn how to lobby for the same anti-abortion, anti-family planning bills at the state legislature year after year after year.

I’m obviously being facetious, but I do have a more serious question regarding this “pro-life university.”

What are they training people for, exactly — a career as a protester at an abortion care center?

~ Nancy

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