Ms. Brogan Goes to Washington

Last month, at the invitation of the Obama administration, FPA Vice-President of Public Affairs Kate Brogan visited the White House.

Kate was one of fifty community leaders from Maine who were chosen to take part in meetings on a wide range of issues, from conservation to health care.

This was a terrific opportunity for the FPA to share the concerns and challenges of Maine’s women and teens with Obama administration officials.

For Kate, the most important part of the visit was a conversation with Jon Carson, Director of the Office of Public Engagement. Kate talked about the growing conservative attacks on reproductive privacy and access to reproductive health care. She reminded Mr. Carson of the need for the Administration to continue to stand strong against this anti-family planning and anti-choice agenda.

Kate in the West Wing of the White House

If you were invited to the White House to talk about reproductive health care and reproductive rights, what questions would you ask?

~ Nancy

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