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These are a few of my favorites blogs…

Writing a weekly blog takes commitment and guts in equal parts. You have to spend two or three times as much time reading and researching as you do writing. And you’ve got to believe you have something worth writing about, something people  want to read.

Writing On the Front Lines for the FPA is a piece of cake in terms of having plenty of interesting material. The work of providing reproductive health care and protecting reproductive rights in Maine is multi-layered and varied. Basically, it’s fabulous material for a writer.

Staying on top of the necessary reading and research — now, that’s another story. I’ll be the first to admit that some weeks it’s quite the challenge.

Luckily, there are some amazing people writing about reproductive rights and reproductive health care. I depend on my fellow bloggers for ideas and inspiration.

As my holiday gift to you, I’m sharing a sampling of my favorite blogs.  Enjoy!

I love, love, love reading posts from abortion gang.  The blog is written by a group of about 20 writers, from 16 years old to 50. Here’s how they describe their blog, “This is our space to talk about what drives, inspires, and challenges us, what renews our passion for reproductive justice, what outrages us, and our ideas to keep the movement going forward.” Check them out.

To stay up-to-date on efforts to reduce teen pregnancy in the US, there’s nothing like Pregnant Pause, the blog of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. When I want to read reflections on the latest data or pop culture in relation to teen pregnancy, there’s nothing better than Pregnant Pause.

Another favorite is Rabble. The author of this Tumblr page describes herself as radically pro-choice and says her aim is to make her blog as communal as possible. I love the very real conversations that happen on this site.

The Abortioneers is another blog on my must-read list. This blog’s tagline is, “The ins and outs and ups and downs of direct service in the field of abortion care.”  The blog is exactly what it says it is — and it is amazing and inspiring.

And for something entirely different and closer to home, one of my favorite reads is Black Girl in Maine.

Shay Stewart-Bouley describes her blog as, “Musings of a black woman living in the nation’s whitest state.”  I love Shay’s blog for its honesty and for her willingness to tackle complex issues through the lens of her lived experience. Here’s how Shay describes herself in her blog.

Her roles as mother, daughter, sister, wife, columnist and straddler (middle class but with a blue-collar upbringing) drive her to comment on many things and color her opinions on a multitude of issues, but in the end, she notes, “The truth is I am a big mouth with an opinion on any and everything.”

What’s not to love about that?

So, those are my favorite online reads. I hope you’ll share yours.

Happy Holidays!

~ Nancy

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