Anti-Choice Protestors at the FPA — A Passerby Responds

Note: During the 40 Days of protests at our Augusta health center, our blog posts will focus on abortion care services. We are also giving away a 4000 Years for Choice poster each week. Everyone who posts a comment on our blog during these six weeks will be entered into the weekly poster drawings.

When I think about the impact of the protesters at our gates, I usually focus on patients and staff.  It never occurred to me that other community members might be affected… until I received the following comments in an email message. Continue reading

Here We Go Again! Another 40 Days of Protests Begins…

4000 Years for Choice PosterTime goes by so quickly!

It’s been a whole year since we launched the FPA blog On the Front Lines to coincide with the annual 40 Days protest being held outside our front gate.

In the past year, readership of the blog has grown and that’s really nice.  But I had hoped for more of a conversation with and between our readers — yet our comment section is still pretty quiet. To help jump-start the conversations — and celebrate our blog anniversary — we’re giving away prizes to readers who comment during the coming weeks. Continue reading