Anti-Choice Protestors at the FPA — A Passerby Responds

Note: During the 40 Days of protests at our Augusta health center, our blog posts will focus on abortion care services. We are also giving away a 4000 Years for Choice poster each week. Everyone who posts a comment on our blog during these six weeks will be entered into the weekly poster drawings.

When I think about the impact of the protesters at our gates, I usually focus on patients and staff.  It never occurred to me that other community members might be affected… until I received the following comments in an email message.

I was attending a workshop in Augusta a few weeks ago and took a walk up the road during one of the breaks. As it turned out, your offices are on that same road.  As I approached your building, I noticed the protest signs on the grass in front, and the van parked across the road.

I have to say how horrified I felt — both by the signs (to say that they were intentionally inflammatory is understating their tone) and by the two women sitting in the van; who I could only assume were responsible for the picket signs.

As a woman I found the situation insulting (they do not speak for most women) and highly toxic. I do not deny that they have a right to their opinions, but to hold your agency and your clients hostage, and conduct what felt like a terrorist activity, is at the very least an injustice if not an actual criminal act. In my opinion, they were the criminals and they were guilty of a hate crime.

It is my hope that these women did not frighten off any women needing your services. I only wish I had had the presence of mind on that day to walk over to those two women and voice my point of view out loud.

I believe in what you do and admire you all for continuing to support women’s right to choose. I applaud your courage and your commitment!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Feel free to use my message to support your good work, but please do not use any of my personal or identifying information. I work in the area, and do not want to jeopardize my position.

How does knowing about or actually experiencing the protestors at our Augusta health center make you feel?

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~ Nancy

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