Here We Go Again! Another 40 Days of Protests Begins…

4000 Years for Choice PosterTime goes by so quickly!

It’s been a whole year since we launched the FPA blog On the Front Lines to coincide with the annual 40 Days protest being held outside our front gate.

In the past year, readership of the blog has grown and that’s really nice.  But I had hoped for more of a conversation with and between our readers — yet our comment section is still pretty quiet. To help jump-start the conversations — and celebrate our blog anniversary — we’re giving away prizes to readers who comment during the coming weeks.

On February 22, the 40 Days protesters will again be gathering in front of our Augusta health center for their daily assault on our clients, staff, and visitors.  Like last year, we want to use On the Front Lines to share the truth about abortion care and the women who make the decision to terminate a pregnancy. But this year, we’re sincerely hoping you’ll join in the conversation.

As an incentive, during each of the six weeks of the 40 Days protest, we’re giving away a beautiful poster celebrating 4000 years for choice, created by Heather Ault. Each week’s poster winner will be drawn from among the people who comment on the blog post during the 40 Days protest.

This is your chance to win a lovely, high-quality piece of art to grace the walls of your home or office. Please read our commenting policy and start sharing your story and your thoughts.  I look forward to the conversation with you!

2011 was a dismal year for reproductive rights in the United States, with many states passing abortion restriction laws. And 2012 isn’t shaping up to be much better, with conservatives fighting against birth control coverage. Because of this, the theme for On the Front Lines during this year’s 40 Days protests is ACCESS — access to the full range of reproductive health care services — what it means, why it matters, how a lack of it affects women and their families, and what each of us can do about it.

Next week, we’ll also kick off our 2012 Pledge-a-Picketer campaign.  Keep an eye out for our super heroine as she Defends the Truth against the lies of the 40 Days protesters and helps the FPA raise much-needed funds.

~ Nancy

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