I Will Always Stand Up For Women

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On Sunday, April 1st, the 40 Days of protests will come to a close.

To coincide with this year’s protests, the FPA held its 4th Annual Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign. We invited people to make a pledge to FPA based on the number of picketers at our gates each day.

Earlier this week, curious as to why people choose to support the campaign, we asked them to complete this sentence — “I gave to FPA’s Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign this year because…”

Here are some of the wonderful responses we received.

“I gave to this campaign because it is such a clever way of turning a potentially stressful situation into one that is also beneficial and indeed empowering.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to support this wonderful twist and this important cause!”


“I gave to FPA’s Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign this year because of the enormous positive social and economic impact of family planning.” ~Colon


“I gave to FPA’s Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign this year because I volunteered for 3.5 years for the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force http://www.wacdtf.org/ in Falls Church, Virginia, and I saw how awful the protesters can be. The same angry, judgmental, misogynist men (it was by far mostly men each week) were there every Saturday morning, shouting at women about how ashamed they should be and how God would punish them for their sins. If the women/couples arrived with children, the protesters would yell at them that their parents are murderers. Many of the patients would arrive at the clinic in tears because of what they went through just getting from their cars to the front door, even with us escorts there to keep the antis off the property. It was terrible. Picketers need to know that they are the minority; letting them watch the pledge numbers tick up each day does just that.”
~ Marian


“I gave to FPA’s Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign this year because nobody deserves to die of a botched back-alley abortion, and because women need to have control of their lives. I refuse to let the right wing push us back into the Bad Old Days!” ~ Claire


“I  pledged a picketer this year because FPA provides valuable services which make my community healthier. And because I find loud judgmental picketers unbearably annoying.”   ~ Elizabeth


“I gave because believing every woman should enjoy reproductive freedom is part of my culture and my values.  To infringe on that right in any way is abhorrent to me.  Placing oneself between the paths of women seeking to receive that rightful medical service is unconscionable, arrogant, and immoral. I am grateful for a way in which to replace the negative messages and actions at the entrance to a facility helping women with a positive way to benefit these services.  Even better is telling those protestors right out loud that every day they appear they are contributing to FPA’s existence.” ~ Rozzi


“I gave to FPA’s Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign this year because it’s terribly important to me that American women (and other women) continue to have the reproductive health care and reproductive choice that FPA provides.” ~ Beedy


“I know what good things you do for uninsured and under-insured women, and I’m tired of the protestors’ lies and personal attacks. They claim they want choice and freedom, yet want to take that away from women…it’s wrong and I will always stand up for women.” ~ Stacie


There you have it — supporters of a woman’s right to choose tell us why they give.

I don’t know what goals the anti-choice protestors had for the 40 Days, but our goal was to keep providing honest, supportive, non-judgmental reproductive health care. And to raise $15,000.  Thanks to our amazing clinical staff and generous supporters, we’ve met both goals. Thank you!

~ Nancy

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