Where Do Teens Go For Answers?

When teens have questions about sexual health issues, where do they go for answers?

Some may turn to parents or other trusted adults in their lives.

Others will ask their friends or youngish relatives, like that cousin who’s a couple of years older.

Most rely on the internet, using Google and YouTube to search for the information they want.

Luckily for Maine teens, the FPA — with lots of input from Maine teens and young adults — has created a new online resource.

Maineteenhealth.org has useful information about birth control and STD’s. And it has links to resources about LGBTQ health, relationships, mental health, and substance abuse.

And, it’s got two ways for young people to submit their own anonymous questions – directly through the website or using a new text-messaging service.

Check it out and share it with teens you know who may have sexual health questions.

If you’re a teacher or school nurse who wants some FREE posters promoting the new website & texting service for your school, contact askmth@fpam.org with the words ‘mth poster order’ in the subject line.

If you’d rather print your own poster, click here for a PDF file.

~ Nancy

The Greatest Thing Since Birth Control

Have you been watching the political conventions?

Are you inspired by the speeches from politicians? Turned off by the commentary from pundits?

It’s easy to see these national political conventions as pageants, with no connection to the day-to-day challenges we all face.  But let’s not lose sight of the fact that these conventions and the endless campaign ads lead up to the election.

Election Day gives Maine voters an opportunity to have a real say in issues that affect us every day.

On Tuesday, November 6th (just 8 weeks away), every voter in Maine will get the opportunity to cast their vote for: Continue reading