Running the Gauntlet — Can You Imagine It?

Imagine if you had to drive by people waving, shaking their rosaries and carrying signs every time you went to your health care provider.

Let’s say you had to pick up your prescription — or it was time for your annual physical — or you needed some testing done.

Can you imagine having to pass a huge sign that says, “Praying for your Safety” as you head into your health care provider’s office?

Can you imagine being judged just for getting health care?

Patients at our Augusta health center don’t need to imagine it — they have to experience it just to come through the gates.

The 40 Days protest began this week and our patients will be confronted by the protesters for the next six weeks. Protesters say they are doing this to stop abortion at our health center. But, really, they are judging every patient who comes through our doors.

The protesters know nothing about the patients they so avidly protest against. And, in truth, they don’t care. It doesn’t matter to them if you’re an 18 year old picking up your birth control… or a 30 year old getting tested for STDs… or a 45 year old coming in for an abortion. They judge any patient who comes to family planning with no consideration for that person’s life circumstances.

But inside our gates, patients know they have entered a judgment-free zone. They know we trust them to make the decisions that are right for them. And that we will provide them with expert reproductive health care.

Keeping our health centers open is a costly endeavor and there is no government funding for abortion care services. That’s why we use the “40 Days” protests to raise much-needed funds to protect access to reproductive health care in Maine.

Pledge-a-Picketer is not your average fundraiser. It also takes away some of the power of the protesters — putting them to work raising money for the very reproductive health care they are protesting. It’s our way to turning their negative judgments into something positive.

Please join Pledge-a-Picketer today and help us preserve the judgment-free reproductive healthcare services that Mainers deserve.

~ Nancy

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