Think it Can’t Happen in Maine? Think Again.

It’s happening all over the country – and it’s happening here in Maine, too.

Every day we hear about another attempt to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care somewhere in America – a 12-week abortion ban in Arkansas… elimination of family planning funding in Texas… forced ultrasounds in Virginia.  It’s clear that the groups working to deny us control over our reproductive lives have decided that state legislatures are the new battlegrounds for the War on Women.

But they can’t make any headway here in Maine, right?  Maine’s legislature and Maine’s voters have always supported reproductive privacy, right?  I mean, we defeated anti-choice bills two years ago, even with a large number of strongly anti-choice legislators.

Reproductive rights are safe in Maine, right?  


Maine does have good laws on the books protecting reproductive freedom, laws that have remained unchanged for decades, despite regular attacks. But opponents of reproductive freedom are working hard to threaten that freedom every day.

Anti-choice forces have filed radically anti-choice bills in the current session of the Maine legislature, bills that the Family Planning Association is working with our partners to defeat.

Among other things, these bills would:

  • Impose a 24 hour waiting period before a Maine woman can obtain an abortion
  • Impose a parental consent requirement for Maine teens seeking an abortion
  • Force Maine women to listen to state-scripted “counseling” before they can obtain an abortion
  • Force Maine women to look at an ultrasound before they can obtain an abortion

The FPA needs your help to defeat these bills. Wondering what you can do?

Here’s a list of ways to help!

  • Come to the public hearing on these bills (likely in April or May)
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Talk to your friends and family
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell your local legislators that there’s no place for these outrageous initiatives here in Maine!  

Maine women know what’s best for their families and their lives. We don’t need the government interfering in these private health care decisions.

If you want to learn more, and find out when things are happening on these bills, join FPA’s Action Alert Network today.

~ Kate

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