Family Planning Matters! Five Reasons to Watch & Share This New Video

What a week it’s been!

Unable to come to an agreement on the budget, the U.S. government shutdown for the first time since 1995.

Despite opposition from conservatives, the new Health Insurance Marketplace opened and millions of uninsured Americans visited to learn how they might get insurance coverage.

And the Guttmacher Institute released a terrific new video about the importance of Federal Title X Funding for Family Planning services.

Here are five reasons why I believe this new video is very much worth watching all the way through and sharing widely.

1.) It pulls together lots of data about the value of family planning services and serves it up in small, easily understandable pieces.


2.) It points out that family planning is the entry point for other health care services for many women and shows why family planning is still valuable even as more people will have insurance coverage.

3.) It reminds us that family planning is a wise investment.



4.) It sounds the alarm about recent cuts to family planning   state funding  (see Maine on the map!) and is in danger of being eliminated completely.


5.) It issues a call to action ~ namely, asking us all to spread the word about the value of family planning services and the need to protect and expand Title X funding.

Want to learn more?  Watch the video.

Want to do more?

Share the video and invite others to join the FPA action alert network!


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