Healthy Kids. Happy Parents. Thanks Birth Control!

99% of adults have used birth control.

It’s that common because it’s that wonderful and it makes so much else in our lives possible.

Which gets us thinking: during this season of giving thanks, and with so many of us having used contraception at some point in our lives, what if we all took a moment to share why WE are thankful for contraception?  (Turkey and awkward holiday conversation with your uncle Jim not required.)

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and Bedsider (link) are challenging people all over the country to have an open, honest conversation about birth control and to speak positively about what birth control makes possible for our society. After all, says National Campaign CEO Sarah Brown, “if we can’t talk about contraception, how can we expect people to be comfortable using it?”

So, in the spirit of saying thanks for all that birth control has done for us, please join us TODAY, November 12TH, in sharing why we are thankful for contraception!
You can share a picture, note, or even a video on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #thxbirthcontrol in your message.

Need some help getting started?  Check out this great video, share one of Bedsider’s #thxbirthcontrol postcards, or search the #thxbirthcontrol hashtag on Facebook to see what others have to say!

Here’s what some of our friends had to say:

•    Thanks, Birth Control. You’ve allowed me to take my time to decide whether or not I’d like to have a kid. Also, you shorten my menstrual cycle and reduce cramps.

•    Thanks, birth control… for allowing me to gain the maturity I needed before I had to change poopy diapers every day.  #thxbirthcontol

•    #thxbirthcontrol!  Because of birth control, I was able to completely focus on college AND graduate school—no pregnancy scares!

•    I would like to thank Birth Control, not only for the ability to plan my own life’s path, but also for the millions of women who, for very individual and personal reasons, have been able to manage their lives and their family’s well-being. Women know when the time is right for them to parent, and contraception has allowed them to choose that time in a loving and responsible manner.

•    Thanks, birth control, for giving me a hormone-free option that works for my body and my partner.

•    Thanks, condoms!  Men need contraception, too.  It feels nice to be able to share the responsibility with my girlfriend.  #thxbirthcontrol


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