I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends ~ The Value of Community Partners

You may already know that Maine’s family planning providers are experts in sexual and reproductive health. Yet, you may be surprised to find out we do so much more than birth control and pap tests.

  • We provide testing and treatment for STDs, breast and cervical exams for women of all ages, and preconception services for those planning to get pregnant.
  • You can come to us with urgent issues, like urinary tract infections, yeast infections, emergency contraception, or if you just need to grab some condoms before the weekend.
  • We see patients of any gender, any age – and everything we do is confidential and     affordable.
  • At our Belfast location, we offer primary care services.
  • In Downeast Maine, the FPA provides additional family support services.

While family planning services are pretty broad in scope, we can’t always provide every service our patients need. That’s why we partner with other organizations and providers in local communities.

  • If you’re planning to become pregnant, we can help you find prenatal care.
  • If you need a specialist for a health issue beyond the scope of our services, we will help you find one.
  • If you’re struggling with an issue we can’t address in our health centers, we’ll help you connect with local assistance.

We make a point of meeting the people on the other end of a referral so that we understand their services and so that both family planning providers and our patients can feel confident they’ll receive quality services from trusted organizations.

We also work with community partners to spread the word about family planning services to those who don’t already know about us. We work hard to make sure that other organizations know what we do and what people can expect from family planning. We think this is so important, because being able to access the care you need to be healthy depends on knowing about that care.

Finally, creating connections with other providers, organizations, and coalitions in our communities strengthens the work of family planning and allows us to provide the best care possible. Because we work closely with partners like local sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse support services, patients can trust our family planning providers to give them accurate, useful information on a number of different topics.

Our community partners do so much to strengthen the work of family planning and these partnerships are crucial to the quality of care our patients receive. To celebrate these partnerships, we’re launching a regular Community Spotlight blog post.  Keep an eye out for partner spotlights towards the end of each month, check out our partners’ websites, and keep us posted on any connections you think we should make!

~ Jennifer Thibodeau

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