Introducing: The Buzz!

Are you a pro-choice Mainer who is passionate about sexual health and reproductive rights?

Do you like to write, share on social media, and connect with the people around issues that matter to you?

Do you want to help others connect to the services and information they need?


We hear from folks all the time, asking how they can help, whether they can volunteer, and offering to support Maine Family Planning in all kinds of ways. We’ve been SO IMPRESSED by and so grateful for the work that our supporters have done. We wanted to find a way to help mobilize, support, and thank those folks working to spread the word about sexual health and reproductive rights in Maine– no matter WHERE they live. Make your voice heard by joining The Buzz, Maine Family Planning’s statewide network of advocates who are committed to spreading the word about sexual health and reproductive rights!

Enter: THE BUZZ.  

The Buzz is Maine Family Planning’s version of a street team– a group of dedicated, volunteer advocates who help to educate about and advocate for sexual health and reproductive rights. We’re taking it online in order to include folks from all over the state and to spread the word in the online spaces where our networks are found.  Members of The Buzz share articles and posts about reproductive rights and healthy sexuality in blog posts, letters to the editor, in online articles, and on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

We’re looking for members who are comfortable communicating about healthy sexuality and reproductive rights within their own networks and to the public. Maine Family Planning staff offers training and guidance, and we’ll also keep team members up to date on the latest information in the world of sexual and reproductive health. Whether you have time every day, every week, or only once a month, we’ll work with you to make sure your voice is heard when and where it makes sense for you. We’ll also provide a forum for members of The Buzz to exchange ideas, discuss articles and topics before sharing, and to get support from other members.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?  We’d LOVE to have you join The Buzz!

Anyone interested in joining can complete a (very simple!) application on our website, or contact us at for more information.

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