A Brighter, Healthier Future, With the Help of Family Planning

lemons and lemonadeWhen we chose the theme Turning Lemons into Lemonade for our Pledge-a-Picketer campaign this year, we were thinking about the protesters at our gates as the lemons and the support for our services as lemonade. It makes perfect sense and it’s a catchy title.

This week, as I was reading through some of the comments we’ve received from our patients, I was struck by a totally different way that the lemons into lemonade theme can be used in relation to our work.

Reflecting on the stories our patients shared, I realized that when we provide  family planning and abortion care services we are helping the women and families who rely on us to turn the lemons that life presents them into the lemonade of a brighter, healthier future.

I’d like to share two very different patient experiences – in their own words – to illustrate what I mean. Here’s the first one:

“I have used family planning for my contraceptive health since I was sixteen. I am now thirty, with a two-month old, and I still use family planning for women’s health and contraceptive care. The staff are kind, considerate, and compassionate. They are interested in the community’s health and well-being for women, men, and families. They helped me with finances when I had issues and now my income gets passed to others in need of extremely valuable and important services!”

Such a clear picture of the best of what family planning offers. Family planning has been there for this woman, when she was a teen and through difficult financial times. Now, she sees herself as a contributor to other family planning patients who may need to have their care subsidized. Lemonade, indeed!

Here’s a very different story, recently shared by an abortion care patient:

“I just wasn’t ready. I had a son about a year ago and he is quite the handful. I’m only twenty-one, and with a one-year-old my life is hectic enough. I feel like people make mistakes and there are ways to fix them. You can’t always think negatively. When one door closes, another window opens.”

Here’s another mother, facing a life challenge with real clarity about what’s best for her young family. She seems to know what she can handle as a mother and she’s taking steps to create a healthy environment for herself and her child.

The services offered by Maine Family Planning, whether they be contraceptives, pregnancy testing and options counseling, cancer screenings, and, yes, abortion care services – all of these are about helping women and their families deal with life’s challenges in positive ways.

You can be a part of our work ~ make your pledge or one-time donation to our Lemons into Lemonade, Pledge-a-Picketer campaign today.

On behalf of our patients ~ thank you.

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