In Their Own Words ~ Abortion Care Patients Tell Their Truth

seek-truthEvery year, during the 40 Days protests, we invite our family planning and abortion care patients to counter the lies outside out gates by sharing their own personal truths. This year, we got some powerful comments about the picketers, the Maine Family Planning staff, and the importance of preserving reproductive rights.

Their powerful comments speak for themselves and don’t really need any elaboration.

This week, we share these three with you:

“The protesters’ posters are gruesome and lies. They may just be sharing their opinion but they’re also making people feel horrible.”

“I think everybody should have the right to make their own decision and not have to feel judged. This family planning clinic in Augusta did a wonderful job with me. I couldn’t feel any better about my decision. Please take my advice ~ do what’s best for you, NOT everyone else!”

“I am glad and relieved that I have the right to make a decision for myself, my family, and my unborn fetus. I am 19 years old and I irresponsibly got pregnant. I truly believe that I do not have the means to give a child a good life. As a parent, I would want to be stable in life ~ with a degree, a solid job, a house, a husband who will father my child. Without those things, I would feel like a failure of a parent. People think you’re heartless because you have an abortion but it’s the complete opposite. My heart and my brain made the decision to wait to bring a child into this world, because right now I am still a young adult, trying to figure her own life out.”


If these quotes inspire you to contribute to our Pledge-a-Picketer campaign, you can make a pledge or give a gift until midnight on Sunday, April 13th.  All pledges and gifts given this week will be matched by an anonymous donor.

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