Not Sure If You’re Registered To Vote? Here’s What You Need To Know.


Are you registered to vote? Or maybe you’ve registered in the past, but not in the town where you currently live? Not to worry. Maine has great laws to make voter registration easy and make sure you can vote. Here’s what you need to know:

Any U.S. citizen who is at least 18 and lives in Maine can register to vote. You can register at your town office, through any Motor Vehicle branch office, in most state and federal social service agencies, any time before Election Day, or you can register on Election Day at your polling place.

What do I need to register to vote?

When you register, you should bring a photo ID and some proof of where you live – a lease, a utility bill, or some official document addressed to you at your home address.

When you register, you normally need to provide your home address. If there’s a reason you need to keep your home address confidential, you can register without revealing that information. Contact the Secretary of State’s office at 207-624-7650.

If you’ve moved since the last election, you need to register in your new home town. You can do this at your polling place on Election Day, or in advance at your town office.

If you have trouble registering, the ACLU of Maine might be able to help! Call them at (207) 774-5444.

Now that you know how to register to vote, tell us WHY you are voting!

~Kate Brogan