#WhyImVoting: Tell Us Your Reason(s)!

After months of campaign ads and endless polls, Election day is almost here. It’s time to get down to it: It’s time to vote.

To put it simply: Women need to vote. YOU need to vote. When women vote, change happens. 53% of voters in the 2012 election were women. Think of that power! We aren’t a voting bloc, we’re the majority. More specifically, single women are the most important voting group in this election – we make up 25% of eligible voters, and we consistently vote in support of reproductive rights. Want to know how powerful we are? Conservatives are so worried about our political power, Fox News is suggesting that single women skip voting and “go back to Tinder and Match.com.” 


That’s why YOU need to vote. And to encourage your friends and family to vote.  If we all show up and vote next week, we will decide this election.  We can elect a Governor and a legislature who respect our reproductive privacy and support our right to make our own healthcare and parenting decisions.

Maine Family Planning is blogging every day until election day with information about voting, including how to register, how to find out where your polling place is, how to find out who and what will be on your ballot and how to find out about the candidates in your area. Check out our blog or the Maine Family Planning Facebook page for all of this information.

Now that you’re ready to vote, tell us why you’re voting. Are you voting to give your kids a better future? To make sure the government respects your rights? To do something about student debt? To protect the environment? Let us, and the world, know! Here’s how:

  1. Check out Maine Family Planning’s Facebook page (You’re following us on Facebook, aren’t you?) to see why other women are voting;
  2. Take your own #WhyImVoting picture and share it on our Facebook page;
  3. Post your #WhyImVoting picture on your own Facebook page, and encourage your friends (the real-life and the Facebook kind) to post theirs;
  4. If you’d like us to post your photo for you (that is: if you’d like your photo posted without linking back to your name or Facebook account), simply email your photo to outreach@mainefamilyplanning.org.

Together, we’ll get Maine’s women (and the people who care about them!) out to the polls on Tuesday, and we’ll elect the government we all deserve.

Now, GO VOTE! And bring a friend.

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