What Would Your Sign Express?

Maine Family Planning’s 2015 Pledge-A-Picketer Campaign 


From February 18 to March 29, Maine Family Planning’s headquarters in Augusta will be picketed every day by protesters with dishonest messages and graphic images on signs intended to frighten and shame our patients and staff. These protesters oppose the right of Mainers to control their own sexual health and reproductive lives.

Please support our patients and staff by making a pledge based on the number of protesters we count (for instance, 10¢ per picketer), or by making a one-time gift to our Pledge-A-Picketer campaign. You can make a per-picketer pledge here, make a one-time gift online, or mail your check to:

Maine Family Planning
PO Box 587
Augusta, ME 04332-0587

Tell us what YOUR sign would say.
When you donate, tell us what message YOU would send to patients and staff at Maine Family Planning–we’ll make a sign for you and post it on the wall in our lobby.

You can also send a selfie of you with your sign to info@mainefamilyplanning.org and we’ll post it on Facebook and Twitter! (make sure you let us know whether you want to be tagged and include your user name).

RaisingtheBannerThe campaign officially kicks off on February 18th, when we hang a banner with our fundraising progress outside of our Augusta center– where the protesters can see your support in dollars. We love getting donations (and signs) ahead of the official start date so that our banner really makes a statement!

Send a message, make your own sign, donate, and support reproductive health & rights in Maine!

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