It’s Time: We Need You to Show Up for Reproductive Rights.

Have you been feeling frustrated by the way our political system is attacking access to reproductive health care? Still mad about the Hobby Lobby decision? Still smarting about the election?

Want to do something about it?

Maine Family Planning has been working for five years to make Medicaid-funded family planning services available to low-income Mainers who are uninsured, but who would become eligible for Medicaid-funded care if they become pregnant. Low income women are more than five times more likely to experience unintended pregnancies than women with higher incomes, primarily because they don’t have access to high-quality contraceptive care.

Uninsured Mainers with low incomes who become pregnant are eligible for pregnancy-related health care covered by Medicaid, but we don’t provide these same people with the tools to avoid unintended pregnancy. The result of this policy decision is low-income Mainers facing pregnancies they may not be prepared for, and a state Medicaid program that pays for lots of unintended pregnancies. By helping people plan their pregnancies, we can give them more opportunity for education and economic security, support healthy, prosperous families, and save millions of taxpayer dollars.

This is a bill we should all support, right?  We need your help explaining this to Maine’s legislature.

LD 319, “An Act To Strengthen the Economic Stability of Qualified Maine Citizens by Expanding Coverage of Reproductive Health Care and Family Services,” will be the subject of a public hearing before the legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday, March 26th, at 1:00. Let’s fill the room with supporters of reproductive health care (RSVP to join us!).

We need you to tell the committee why access to high-quality reproductive health care is so important.

  • Do you have a story to tell about how access to contraception helped you complete your education and build a career?
  • Did your private health insurance help you get and IUD or other Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive method. LARCs are highly effective for many years, but high initial costs can be prohibitive if you don’t have insurance.
  • Have you seen young people’s futures derailed by unintended pregnancy?

We need you to testify on March 26th! 

Even if you don’t want to testify, come to the hearing to show your support for this common-sense legislation.

Questions? Thinking about testifying? Contact Kate Brogan at, RSVP to let us know you’ll be there, or fill out this form so that we can contact you with more information about the hearing.

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