Sending a Message

During the 40 days of Lent (and every Thursday all year long), Maine Family Planning’s headquarters in Augusta is picketed by protesters who post signs along the street leading to our building. These signs contain lies, display graphic images, and convey messages intended to frighten and shame our patients and staff.

photo 1

As part of our 2015 Pledge-A-Picketer campaign, we asked donors and supporters to tell us what their signs would express—and we’ve received some incredibly supportive, honest, and creative signs! While the picketers stand outside with dishonest, judgmental signs meant to shame and control, our supporters are sending a message in the lobby of our health center.

Some of our favorites:

“Thanks to all for your commitment to the health of Maine women and girls.” – Lois

“Thanks for your courageous work in keeping women healthy and giving us CHOICES.”  –Claire

It feels so good to know that our patients and our providers are supported:

provider support 2

provider support 1

The Maine Women’s Lobby hosted a sign-making party, as well—several of our colleagues from the Coalition for Maine Women and the Maine Alliance for Reproductive Freedom (formerly the Choice Coalition) attended and to put their support for both patients and staff into words (and images):

There were snacks (including animal crackers):

signs 3

And glitter:

And glitter.

And best of all, people from many different backgrounds and experiences coming together to show support for those who seek and provide reproductive health care at Maine Family Planning:

signs2 signs 6


Want to support Maine Family Planning patients and staff? Pledge a Picketer, make a one-time donation, and send a message! 

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