Shame free, Blame free, Empowering: notes from our supporters

signs 6It’s one thing to see signs containing lies, displaying graphic images, and conveying messages intended to frighten our patients and staff once a week, but it’s another thing to be berated by it every day. As strong proponents of reproductive healthcare and a woman’s right to make decisions about her life and her body, we have learned to tune out the messages of hate and anger. The problem is that no matter how strong your resolve, no one can tune it out entirely.

provider support 2To counter the picketers’ dishonest, judgmental signs meant to shame our staff and patients, we like to remind ourselves of all the good that comes from the work being done at our health centers. Reading about the experiences of our patients strengthens our resolve to stand strong in the face of opposition. Hearing why our supporters get involved reminds us that we are not facing the hatred of our opponents alone–and neither are our patients.

We’ve asked donors and supporters to tell us why they stand together with Maine Family Planning, and we’ve received some incredibly supportive messages. We think of these when we see the protesters signs and we remember that there is strength in numbers.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Family Planning supports the idea that we are free to choose what is best for our family and for ourselves. There are few other decisions as important as these.
  • Accessible education and services for family planning is good for our world, our country, our community, and every single one of us! Thank you MFP for being there!
  • The wonderful care I’ve received at Maine Family Planning over the years is the reason I am an MPH student, focusing on reproductive rights.
  • Because it makes my heart happy that I can help someone access all types of health care no matter how much money they have.
  • I have been fortunate to have had family planning services. I believe others should also.
  • Because I respect women`s reproductive rights and want to support the services provided by Maine Family Planning.
  • Thank you for protecting women`s health rights even when it is hard, tiring, grueling, and relentless. We need you more than ever.
  • Because you offer shame free, blame free, empowering care!

To date, 32 donors have contributed over $4,000, but we are still seeing an average of 25 protesters a day. Help us send a message to protesters about how strong we are when we work together, and continue to spread messages of support and encouragement to our patients and staff.

Want to support Maine Family Planning patients and staff? Pledge a Picketer or make a one-time donation to the campaign.

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