Strength in Numbers

hands heartWe’re about a month into our annual Pledge-A-Picketer campaign, and we want you to know just how much your support adds up. When we say there is Strength in Numbers, it’s because we know that we are stronger together—but this phrase also speaks to the numbers that illustrate how much the work we do counts. We hope you are proud of these numbers too, because your contributions and support make them possible.

  • We offer birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings, well-woman visits, and LGBTQ-friendly care at 18 family planning centers in Maine. We work with 15 Federally Qualified Health Centers, 4 Planned Parenthood of Northern New England centers, and 3 School-Based Health Centers to provide reproductive health care to 22,000 Mainers.
  • In 2015, there were 3 non-profit, free-standing abortion clinics in Maine. Now that we’ve expanded the availability of medication abortion by using telemedicine technology, there are 19. This makes a huge difference in terms of access to abortion, as 61.3% of Maine’s population lives in rural areas.
  • The teen birth rate in Maine has dropped by almost 50% over the last decade, thanks in part to our work to support evidence-based sexuality education in Maine schools. This year alone, over 1,700 students have received comprehensive sex education as a result of our work with schools.

As of today, we are 2/3rds through the 40 day Pledge-A-Picketer campaign, and 33 supporters have donated $6,205.00.

There are only 9 days left! Help us stay on track– donate now.

  • A $104 donation represents just $2 for every week that picketers shame and intimidate our patients over the course of the year;
  • A $40 gift represents a dollar for each day that picketers show up to shame and intimidate patients and staff during the Pledge-A-Picketer campaign;
  • A $26 contribution represents the average number of picketers we see each day during this campaign;
  • Over 700 picketers have been outside with disturbing signs so far this year; even a $0.01 pledge per picketer makes a difference ($7). Make a pledge per picketer here.

These numbers tell the story of our work—the work we do with your support—to ensure that Mainers have access to reproductive health care when they need it. Every single gift gets us closer to our goal. We are so grateful that we can count on your support.

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