Throwback Thursday: One Year Ago

It’s been almost a year since the Christian Civic League announced that their prayers were the reason Maine Family Planning’s 2015 Pledge-A-Picketer campaign raised about half of the previous year’s total.   In response, Mike Tipping and Dan Savage went to bat for MFP by spreading the word about the CCL’s outrageous claims, and with your help, we far exceeded our 2015 Pledge-A-Picketer goal.

52k polariodWe are so grateful for your support and for the generosity shown by people around the world. Last year, we raised over $60,000 through almost 1,500 contributions, with an average gift of less than $50. At least one gift came from every one of the 50 states and from as far away as the UK , Thailand, and Australia.

It was an amazing outpouring of love and support for the patients and staff who have to pass the hateful signs and judgmental picketers throughout February and March. We cannot thank you enough.

There’s only a week left for the 2016 Pledge-A-Picketer campaign, but we’re not done raising money to support reproductive health care in Maine. Don’t let the picketers think their judgment, intimidation, and lies have the power to stop us: help us raise $3,000 in the next 7 days.

What Dan Savage says was true then and remains true now: it’s not about the amount of the gift, it’s about the number of supporters standing together and counteracting hate and judgement from picketers with love and compassion.

Almost 1,000 picketers have stood outside of our door so far during this campaign with contempt for our patients, degrading the hard work our staff does every day. Your gift helps send the message that their actions will never close our clinics and that we have strength in numbers.

Donate Now.

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