B.Y.O.R. (Be Your Own Receptionist)!

Things I do from my phone:

  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Listen to podcasts (and Beyoncé)
  • Check my bank account balance
  • Look up driving directions
  • …Basically everything important

And now:

  • Schedule appointments with Maine Family Planning (!!!)

We’re excited to announce that online scheduling is now available at MaineFamilyPlanning.org.

While current patients have been able to schedule online (using the Patient Portal) for a few years, new patients have always had to call us or come to a clinic to make an appointment. Now, anyone can make an appointment online, day or night.

Why schedule online?


Need to make an appointment but don’t want people around you to overhear your concerns? We know it can be tough to find time and privacy to call us during business hours, and while nothing freaks us out, chances are you may not want your coworkers, family, or strangers in the coffee shop to know about your birth control method or that you think you might have a UTI.


You can schedule your visit using a computer, smartphone, or tablet whenever and wherever works best for you. Waiting in line at the grocery store and just remembered you need your next Depo shot? Only have a couple minutes during your lunch break to schedule an STD test? Did you put off calling about your annual exam until after our offices close? No worries—our website is always open.

Peace of Mind

We know what it’s like to feel anxious about something going on with our bodies. We also know the relief that comes with knowing you’ve scheduled time to figure things out with a healthcare provider. With online scheduling available 24/7, you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about when you’ll be able to get a pregnancy test or see a Nurse Practitioner about that weird bump you just found.

How it works: 

online scheduling steps_high res


Rather speak to a member of our staff?

You can still talk to a real person over the phone Monday through Thursday between 8am – 6pm and on Fridays between 8am – 4pm. A Maine Family Planning team member can take your call, schedule an appointment, talk to you about payment and costs, and answer your questions—even if your local clinic isn’t open when you call.

There are still a few things you’ll need to call us for.

If you’re interested in an IUD, the Implant, or PrEP, need to schedule an abortion, need a procedure (like a colposcopy), or are looking for hormonal transition therapy, we’ll need to talk with you by phone. Online scheduling for new patients isn’t available for all of our centers right now, but that should change very soon—check back for updates in Belfast, Norway, Farmington, and Skowhegan. Current patients can still schedule at any of our centers using the Patient Portal (also on our website). It’s important to remember that online scheduling is not for emergencies.

Whether you schedule online, call to make an appointment, or walk in to one of our 18 clinics, we’re here for you, whatever your sexual health concerns are.

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