I am an Abortion Provider

I’ve been an abortion provider for about 10 years. Abortion work is many things for me but, at heart, it is a profound privilege and honor to serve the women we do. And I mean to include the young women who come to us as well as women in careers, women with young families, and countless other walks. All these women come, many crossing barriers of the most profound family and community opposition, in order to act on their belief that there is something better for themselves and their families. Something that lies beyond today’s daunting and probably painful procedure, today’s line of yelling protesters, and tomorrow’s social consequences.

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40 Days of Lies

Welcome to the Family Planning Association of Maine’s new blog — On the Front Lines. The launch of OTFL on this date is not a random occurrence. We have consciously chosen to start our new blog in conjunction with the “40 Days” event that was launched today just outside the front gates of our Augusta Family Planning Health Center.

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On The Front Lines